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Corporate guidelines

JUNG Verpackungen

JUNG Corporate guidelines

  • The most important prerequisites for the long-term success of our family business are satisfied customers, committed employees and partners.

  • JUNG is committed to value-oriented corporate management and all employees are encouraged to align their behavior with ethical standards.

  • Exceptional performance, innovation and drive should distinguish us from the competition.

  • We consider promoting the talents of our employees to be one of the most important tasks.

  • We stand for our responsibility towards our employees, our environment as well as towards our business partners and our local environment.

Collaboration and leadership

  • Our actions are based on mutual respect and acceptance, equal treatment, openness, honesty and trust in dealing with each other.

  • Human beings are the decisive factor for success and are therefore at the centre of attention.

  • Continuous development of social, professional and methodological skills as well as promoting the compatibility of family and career is important to us. They are essential components for maintaining the performance of our company.

  • The aim is to promote performance and to maintain and develop willingness to perform through recognition and constructive criticism.

  • Responsible action in the sense of the entire company characterizes our cooperation.

  • Tasks and decision-making powers are transferred as far as possible to the employee.

  • We understand the executives as consultants, trainers, moderator and problem solvers.

  • The methodological building blocks of leadership are:
  • Blocks of leadership
  • Each employee has the task of promoting and demanding these principles at all levels, especially for the managers.

Ethics Policy

Information on our Ethics Policy can be found here:

Ethics Policy - JUNG Verpackungen

Code of conduct for suppliers

Information on the code of conduct for suppliers can be found here:

Code of conduct for suppliers - JUNG Verpackungen

Commitment Declaration Comply
with the EU Deforestation Regulation (EU-DR)

Information on declaration of commitment to the EU Deforestation Regulation can be found here:

EU-Deforestation Commitment Declaration by JUNG Verpackungen

Environment and sustainability

  • Throughout our entire process chain, we pay attention to the special concerns of the environment and strive to produce as resource-conserving as possible and to avoid or reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • We work consistently to minimize the impact on the environment through the company-related activities and products.

  • Our products are developed and manufactured with respect for the environment, with the aim of minimizing the ecological traces. We handle the use of nature, energy and material resources economically, efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner and demand this from our business partners.

  • Wherever possible, we use recycled paper as a substitute for fresh fiber paper.

FSC certification

JUNG was FSC®-certified in 2010. This certification demonstrates our commitment to comply with the objectives of the Forest Stewardship Council®.

Blue Angel

Papers are made from 100 % waste paper stock which is particularly ecologically sound.
(RAL Certification-Nr. 29200, 29126).


JUNG runs on green power. We source our electricity from European hydroelectric plants.

EcoVadis silver

JUNG Verpackungen GmbH was awarded a silver medal in recognition of its EcoVadis CSR rating.


The wrapping and Christmas papers in the JUNG Design collection are produced in a climate-neutral way. To this end, we offset the CO2 emissions generated during production via the NatureOffice organization.

ISO 9001:2015

JUNG has been ISO-certified in 2019. Certification-Nr. GM3020


JUNG has successfully passed the SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audit and received the SMETA certification. The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) certifies that JUNG acts in an ethical way.

Transparency One

Transparency One is a web-based system that helps companies improve transparency along their supply chain. The system enables companies to create transparency and increase consumer confidence in their products.


JUNG was QIMA-certified in December 2023. QIMA is a leading global organisation specialising in quality control and compliance audits. It provides services to companies worldwide to ensure that their products and systems meet the highest standards. QIMA certification is proof that a company is excelling in terms of quality assurance, safety, ethics and sustainability.

JUNG Sustainability Report 2023

The JUNG sustainability report is intended to inform our customers, suppliers, our employees, and the interested public about the most relevant aspects of our sustainable corporate management, in which it reports on an annual basis both qualitatively and quantitatively about the essential measures and figures.

The JUNG Sustainability Report 2023 is available here: JUNG Sustainability Report 2023